Bill Small



Turning Grief into Remembrance

I provide portraits to families who have lost loved ones, often suddenly and violently, through the following organizations.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving - MADD provides services throughout the United States to the victims and their families of alcohol- and drug-related crashes.

Contra Costa Crisis Center - The Crisis Center provides services to the two-county San Francisco East Bay. My work supports their grief counseling and suicide prevention programs.

Mattie’s Place - A ‘movement of movements’ that provides services to families in the nine-county San Francisco Bay Area who have lost loved ones to gun violence.

Rizpah Network Inc. - A group of mothers in Central Tennessee who provide services to families that have lost loved ones to gun violence. Named after Rizpah, a wife of King Saul, whose two sons were put to death to atone for Saul’s sins. She stood over her sons’ bodies for five months to honor their memory.

Supporting Families of Children with Life-Altering and Life-Limiting Conditions

I provide portraits of children living with or who have died from a variety of illnesses. I work through the following organizations.

Epilepsy Foundation of Northern California - Their program focuses on children and young adults living with this most complex disease.

Soulumination - A group of photographers who provide pro bono work for families of patients at Seattle's Children's Hospital. When requested, I do portraits that eliminate medical devices from the image.

George Mark Children's House – They provide in-patient pediatric services for families in the San Francisco Bay Area in the following areas: transitional care between hospital and home; respite services for families with children requiring 24/7 care; and pediatric end-of-life care. I provide portraits of both living and deceased children.

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Alliance of Northern California - Provides support to families that have suffered this most terrible tragedy.

Promoting Tolerance of All People and Global Awareness

The Memory Project – Each year, Memory Project arranges for thousands of children in South America, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Europe living in difficult circumstances to receive a personal portrait painted by an American middle or high school art student. I recruit additional schools in the San Francisco Bay Area and identify potential overseas partners.