Bill Small



I give families portraits of their lost loved ones to help them turn negative feelings of grief into positive feelings of remembrance. I feel this is important work because frequently when families lose a loved one, they are left with few quality images to enjoy and share. My goal is to produce high quality portraits based on emotionally priceless, but often technically poor photographs.

I also provide families with portraits of their seriously ill children and assist other children in using art to increase their understanding of our world.

Most of my work is done through non-profits (see Causes) and reaches 250 families per year throughout the United States and internationally.

During my career as a city planner, I had the privilege of working on every continent, except Antarctica, primarily designing airports, new towns and railroads. In addition to several regions of the U. S., I lived in South America, Asia, Australia and the Middle East. I retired in 1999 to pursue furniture making, sculpture and woodturning. In 2012, I turned to portraiture and now dedicate myself to this pursuit full time.

I have two children and four grandchildren. Our tribe lives in and around Danville, CA. My wife, Jeanie died in April 2017 from ovarian cancer. For 50 years, she was my compass. Now, I look to her star for guidance.